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It is an act of bravery to grow, to heal and to understand ourselves better.

My learning began very young and started a lifelong journey of understanding human behaviour and how to recover from traumatic or challenging experiences.  Due to this experience, I began counselling from a very young age, having been asked to by people of all ages, to help them or their family members.

I have 30 years experience of giving counselling and been an NHS Specialist Adult mental health therapist, Specialist eating disorders therapist, an Addictions therapist, a CAMHS therapist and a Trauma therapist.   I am also neurodivergant informed and am currently developing a new Government counselling service for Special schools.  I am also trained and experienced in helping people in challenging relationships.

I bring warmth, understanding, compassion and a knowledge of the struggles life can bring, with a deep commitment to working alongside you. 

When life is hard we do what we must to survive. I will draw upon a lifetime of understanding and learning to help you find ways to navigate life in a way that serves you, and will support you to flourish.  Together we will share a safe space where I will draw upon a wide range of approaches tailored to meet your individual needs.  You are the expert on you, and by working together, we will begin a journey towards the life you want.

Therapy Office

                           MY SERVICES


I offer a non-judgemental, supportive space to help you feel better and find adaptive ways of coping.  My belief is that you are the expert on yourself, and that together through exploration; the sharing of insights and knowledge; practical strategies and psychoeducation; we can work to make things feel better, in whatever form this is for you.

Therapist and Patient


A holistic approach grounded in understanding developmental stages and decades of experience helping young people feel better.  I have worked as a school counselling manager, school counsellor, as a specialist young people's therapist in NHS mental health services, and across a range of children and young peoples services and organisations.

Therapy Office


I have worked as a specialist mental health professional therapist giving clinical superivision since 2006.  I offer a service based on an ethos which supports growth, exploration and by drawing on training in a wide range of approaches including pluralistic, person centred, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic to name a few.  I will support you to grow as a therapist.  The therapeutic use of self is integral to effective counselling.  I will work collaboratively with you to reflect, increase self-awareness, and consider the interpersonal interaction and the wider context within which this occurs.

Psychologist Session
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