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It was a privilege to have Alison as my clinical supervisor.  Alison was an inspiration as a human being and as a supervisor.  I have had many supervisors, but no one has come close to Alison.  I've never had supervision like it.  I learnt so much.  (Supervisee)

Alison's work standard is outstanding; her work has been used as examples of clinical excellence in practice and used as models of clinical excellence across NHS Boards.  (Head of Psychiatry, Lead Mental Health Lecturer and Clinical Lead)

I had struggled with severe anxiety and depression for many years.  In two sessions I could not believe the difference,  and said to her, ‘wow you are good at this’.  No one helped me like Alison and I’ve spent years at mental health professionals.  The time with Alison changed my outlook, my well-being and my life.  Client

My daughter was considered late stage eating disordered and had years of psychological services.  Working with Alison brought our daughter back to life, and to us.  I cannot thank her enough. Client’s Parents

As a mature successful businessman I struggled to admit I needed help and used alcohol to take the edge off my anxiety speaking  to large numbers, which escalated to become a daily crutch.  With Alison I found the reasons for my anxiety and coping methods to help.  This helped my relationships, my physical health and my career. I wish I’d met her years ago. Client

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